Lindsey Menges

Web Developer - Author - Nail Artist


Born in California and raised in the gorgeous state of Colorado, Lindsey recently felt her birthplace calling and relocated to the Bay Area, along with her husband and her puppy, to pursue a career in the tech world.
Lindsey spent her academic career as a psychology major, but then went through the hacker school Dev Bootcamp where she learned how to code.
She lives in the South Bay and loves working as a front-end developer. Lindsey has experience with ReactJS, React Native, Python, and Ruby, as well as Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL.

But that’s not all! Lindsey has self-published a book (a sci-fi young adult dystopian novel titled “Death Wish”), and is currently writing the sequel, “Thanatos”.
She is also a self-taught lover of nail art, and runs her own website Nails for Nickels with photos and tutorials of her own lovely (and occasionally nerdy!) nail art.
In her spare time Lindsey loves to read, write, hike, lift heavy things at CrossFit, and drink copious amounts of coffee. Yep, it was only a matter of time before she became a bonafide Californian.





Location-based mobile app that lets users ask for menstrual hygiene products


Bring the top new stories straight to you! Co-created by Lindsey & Adam


Death Wish

Death Wish

If you could live forever, how would you choose to die?
The Creature & The Boy

The Creature & The Boy

If you aren't careful, the forest may never let you go


Finale to "Death Wish" - coming soon

Novel In Progress

Details to be revealed


Nails for Nickels

Nails for Nickels

Photos and tutorials for fun & nerdy DIY nail art

Firelight Tales

Short story podcast - coming soon!

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